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Jim Cummings, Executive Director

B.A., Wesleyan University, 1979 (Liberal Arts/Government)
M.A., John F. Kennedy University, 1987 (Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies)

Jim Cummings is a writer, editor, and father. Born in 1957, he grew up in Kennebunk, Maine. An eclectic and devoted listener, in 1998 he founded EarthEar, a record label and online catalog of environmental sound art.  From the start, EarthEar was meant not as escapism into recorded fantasies of nature, but as a means toward deeper listening to the living world around us.  This focus expanded, eventually spawning in 2001 and the Acoustic Ecology Institute in 2004; AEI focuses largely on the news, policy, and science aspects of acoustic ecology.  He co-founded the American Society for Acoustic Ecology in 2004, and serves as its President. Previously, he was Manager of The Térma Company from 1994-1996 and a member of the Board of Directors of the Community Economic and Ecological Development Institute from 1991-2.

Since 1982, Jim has authored many freelance magazine articles, including “Listen Up! Opening our Ears to Acoustic Ecology” (Zoogoer, 2002) [READ IT]. He edited the books Why do Whales and Children Sing? (EarthEar, 1999) and Investing With Your Values (Bloomberg, 1999; New Society, 2001), and is executive producer of eleven EarthEar CDs, including the two disc compilation/composition The Dreams of Gaia (1999). He has been a featured speaker at conferences including the 8th International Wildlife Law and Policy (2004), Sound, Environment, and Connective Technologies (2006), Nature Sounds Society field weekend (2006), the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Biannual Noise Control Conference (2007), and Acoustic Communication by Animals (2008_.

Exhibitions, Awards, Presentations, Publications

--Presentation on Science, Policy, and the Emerging Ethics of Ocean Noise at 2nd International Conference on Acoustic Communication by Animals, Oregon State University

--Edited special Ocean Noise issue of the Journal of Internationl Wildlife Law and Policy, published in two volumes, June and December, 2007
--Co-edited the 2007 volume of Soundsape, the journal of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology; issue theme: Soundscape Art, Science, and Environmental Activism
--Presented a plenary talk on Human and Animal Experience of the Sounds of Oil and Gas Development at the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board biannual noise control conference

–Featured speaker at Nature Sounds Society annual field weekend, Yuba Pass, California
–Presented paper and sound installation at Sound, Environment, and Connective Technologies conference, University of California, Riverside
–Curatorial advisor, Ear to the Earth Festival, New York City [WEBSITE]

–Organized and moderated panel on Ocean Noise, 8th International Wildlife Law Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana

–Curator, The Voice of the Planet is the Muse, [WEBSITE]

–Plenary presentation, Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment bi-annual conference, Flagstaff, Arizona

–New Age Journal: Top Nature Sounds Pick of the Year, The Dreams of Gaia (Jim Cummings, Producer)

Jim Cummings, Executive Director and founder
45 Cougar Canyon
Santa Fe, NM 87508
ph 505-913-7150 fax 866-571-0416

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