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Lake Sonoma
US Army Corps of Engineers
San Francisco District
3333 Skaggs Springs Rd
Geyserville CA

Ban Gas-Engines and Amplified-Music from the Lake

I was forced from my supposedly 'quiet, secluded campsite' (Skunk Creek - July 22-30, 2000), by blowing clouds of dirt (there's scarce groundcover); marauding raccoons who root through inadequately secured trashcans; garbage and beer-bottles strewn along every shoreline (even more of it submerged); loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate, untrustworthy campers/powerboaters; the nearly incessant roar of countless gas-powered engines; resultant (including MBTE) contaminated water; and unrelenting, booming, amplified, hideous commercial pop 'music' emanating from dozens of powerboats. While 'our' American corporate marketing culture instills and demands ever more intense acts of rampant over-consumption, alienation and impulsive immaturity from its consumer-citizens, I had hoped that at least our publicly-funded government park/wilderness agencies might have the gumption and foresight to enable a progressive environmental model and begin to engender a renewed collective sense of ecological cooperation, rejuvenation and connectedness. But no; Lake Sonoma is a stagnant pop-culture trash-pit. Shame on you! (Kindly refund my prepaid fees. You may as well rename it: Lake Sony Music or Lake Evinrude, and pick up some corporate funding.)

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