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About Us

Acoustic Ecology Institute Board of Directors

Steve Feld, Ph.D.
Anthropologist, ethnomusicologist. Professor, University of New Mexico. Author, Sound and Sentiment (1990). Producer, Voices of the Rainforest (1991), Bosavi (2001), Rainforest Soundwalks (2001), The Time of Bells (2004).

David Dunn, Ph.D.
Composer, philosopher. President, Art and Science Laboratory. Author, Why do Whales and Children Sing? (1999). Composer/Producer, Music, Language, and Environment (CD, 2000; CD-ROM, 2001), Angels and Insects (1992).

Dave Mellinger, Ph.D.
Biologist/bioacoustics. Assistant Professor, Oregon State University Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies (CIMRS). NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) research associate. Principle focus is acoustic monitoring in the sea. Developer of Ishmael, a remote monitoring software system

Jim Cummings, M.A.
Writer, editor. Founder, EarthEar and Acoustic Ecology Institute. Author, “Listen Up! Opening our Ears to Acoustic Ecology” (Zoogoer, 2002). Editor, Why do Whales and Children Sing? (1999), Investing With Your Values (2000). Executive Producer, The Dreams of Gaia (1999), Day of Sound (2003).

Acoustic Ecology Institute Advisory Council

Michel André, Ph.D.
Laboratori d'Aplicacions Bioacoustiques, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain. Developing passive acoustic whale identification systems.
Bob Andres, CSP, CPE, CMfgE, DABFE.
Environmental Safety Associates. Noise safety engineer.
Elliott Berger, M.S.
Senior Scientist, Auditory Research, E-A-R/Aearo Co.
David Chesmore, Ph.D.
University of York (UK). Research includes animal vocalization algorithms for acoustic monitoring/identification.
Gordon Hempton, The Sound Tracker
Environmental sound recordists/producer. Microsoft sound consultant, proponent of the “One Square Inch” initiative.
Bernie Krause, Ph.D.
Wild Sanctuary. Environmental sound recordists/producer. National Park Service consultant, author of Into a Wild Sanctuary (2001) and Wild Soundscapes: Discovering the Voice of the Natural World (2003)
Joe Luczkovich, Ph.D.
Biologist, Institute for Coastal and Marine Resources, East Carolina University. Studies fish sounds.
Mike Maehr, Ph.D. candidate, natural resources management
University of Illinois. Studies acoustic perception in wild primates.
Paul Matzner, M.A.
Curator, California Library of Natural Sounds, Oakland Museum.
Andra McCartney, Ph.D.
Professor, Communications Studies, Concordia University (Canada).
Mark McDonald, Ph.D.
Whale Acoustics, Private consultantation firm, works under contract on academic and government agency programs.
Doug Quin, Ph.D.
Executive Director, North Carolina Humanities Council. Museum sound/exhibition designer, composer.
Bob Rossman
National Park Service Natural Sounds Program director.
Michael Stocker, Ph.D.
Michael Stocker Associates. Acoustician, author of Hear Where You Are (2004).
Lisa Walker, M.A.
Media designer, whale acoustics researcher, musician.
Hong Young Yan, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky. Research focuses on fish hearing.

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